Innovation Space! Hands-on with Mentors!

Join us in the NEW Creation / Innovation Space!


This space has ROCKED the last few years!

We’ve expanded it for 2016!

It’s open for the full day, each conference day.

Set your own pace, your own schedule and dive in with mentors and peers! Hands on, creative, collaborative!

What could some hands-on project add to your classroom? How can you help kids explore innovation?

What can you make… and out of what material?

This room is Ad Hoc exploration lab! See examples of Maker/FabLab space, projects and techniques that are working in Vermont schools and make connections!

Chat with experienced makers who can answer your questions.

Work collaboratively on any projects at our open tables!

Here’s the full schedule and all the details! Updated Oct 30th, 2016


Bonus:  Build a 3D Printer!

We also invite you to help build a SNAPPY 3D printer made from 3D printed parts – in the Innovation Lab starting on Thursday morning.

Here’s all the details on this VT Fest first!