Evening Workshops

Thursday Evening Workshops
6:15 – 8:15 PM*

Hands-On Sessions, included with your registration for either Thursday or Friday.
No Pre-Registration Required.  Sign up when you arrive!

Live Chromebook Teardown (and giveaway)
Bjorn Behrendt, IT Coordinator, Fair Haven Union High School

Each year we look at what devices we need to purchase.  We look at reviews and try and get some test models.  In this session we will not only get a hands-on look at several devices, we will physically take them apart and see how they can be self-maintained by the school itself.    Participants will have opportunity to work on an Acer SPIN, NL61T, HP 11G5, and C202SA, and will have a chance to take away one of the devices (if anything is left).

Robot Rodeo RoundUp
Lucie deLaBruere, Adjunct Faculty, University of Vermont/ Marlboro/ Vita-Learn

Come find out about the THIRD annual Robot Rodeo (featured in K12 Horizon Report).  Come kick off the send off of a fleet of codable robots into Vermont schools as a way to extend Hour of Code.  Hands on and discussion – try out the robots, sign up for a robot visit to your school!

Hands-On with the Internet of Things
Bryant Patten, Technology Consultant, Long Arc Learning, LLC

Have you, or your students, wanted to create your own Internet of Things (IoT) device but didn’t know where to start or worried it would be too overwhelming.  Fear not!  During this workshop, you will create your own ‘Thing’ that senses your environment, sends data to the cloud and then displays that data anywhere on the Internet.  Learn to use your Maker skills to build devices that solve real-world problems for your school or community.

Join us for a Promethean Interactive Classroom Update* (one hour)
Farrah Salem, Promethean

As we shape the modern classroom of the 21st century, we are focused on providing teachers with tools for creating a highly collaborative learning environment that is inclusive of all. This session will provide a hands-on demo of Promethean’s latest technology offering including a look at the new ActivPanel offerings and how ClassFlow Connect allows you to connect multiple end-user devises into one presentation solution. One lucky person will win a Connect G Android Computer (must be present to win).

Vermont Panurgy / Barracuda Networks – Ransomware Detection, Prevention and Recovery*  (one hour)
Scott Hayden, Marcus Szczecinski

Until now, K-12 IT professionals have been slow to adopt protections against ransomware, perhaps thinking that they are unlikely to be targeted, but since a K-12 user base includes young people and children, it is an especially tempting target since young users are simply less mindful of potential consequences and more likely to open suspicious email and attachments which is how most attacks begin. With the right combination of protective measures, however, it is entirely possible to block most attacks—and to render powerless those few that that may penetrate your network. Learn how to detect, prevent and recover from ransomware attacks from the trusted leader in K-12 IT Security – Barracuda Networks.