Featured Speakers – Friday

Friday Lunch Keynote

Jon Rajewski
Cybersecurity and School Readiness

Join Jon Rajewski as he shares insights on current cybersecurity activity and steps schools can consider to improve their readiness.

Jonathan T. Rajewski, MS, CCE, EnCe, CISSP, CFE, TJFC
is the Founder & Director of the Senator Patrick Leahy Center for Digital Investigation at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. He is also an Associate Professor of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. Jonathan leads research projects and cyber security / digital forensic investigations for corporate, nonprofit and governmental entities. He has a passion for helping others understand extremely complex technical topics and cybercrime investigations which compliments his abilities to teach, empower and advise organizations on how to properly approach the ever-evolving threats on the Internet.

Mr. Rajewski was the founding Chairman of the Board of Directors for BTVIgnite, which is an independent nonprofit dedicated to fostering creation of the next generation of the Internet, sparking new business opportunities and profoundly impacting how Americans work, live, learn and play. Currently Mr. Rajewski is an active member of the board.

He has presented on the TEDx stage in Buffalo, New York, been awarded the 4 under 40 award from his undergraduate alma mater, Hilbert College (Hamburg, New York) and received the C. Bader Brouilette Alumni Leadership Award from his graduate alma mater, Champlain College.

Jonathan lives in Vermont, USA with his wife and two children. He can be found on Twitter @jtrajewski

Invited Speakers

Patrick Craven, Director
Center for Cyber Safety and Education
International Info System Security Certification Consortium
Children’s Internet Usage Study
Cybersafety in the Classroom

Two sessions today, Children’s Internet Usage Study and Cybersafety in the Classroom, will be led by the director of the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, Patrick Craven.

The Center is a Clearwater, FL based non-profit nonprofit committed to making the cyber world a safer place for everyone. They work to ensure that people across the globe have a positive and safe experience online through our educational programs, scholarships, and research. Their programs for children, parents and seniors are being used around the world and have been featured on NBC News, Fox News Radio, and in Bloomberg to name just a few.

Mr. Craven has over 30 years of experience working within the non-profit industry and has held various C-Level executive leadership roles across the country at notable charitable organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund and the Boy Scouts of America.


Larry Fruth, Executive Director, Access 4 Learning
Steve Smith, Chief Information Officer, Cambridge Public Schools
Student Data Privacy – What’s Required
Student Data Privacy Consortium; Operational Resources to Address Privacy Issues

Dr. Larry Fruth II is currently the Executive Director and CEO of the Access 4 Learning (A4L) Community.  A4L is an independent non-profit membership organization comprised of over 3,200 software vendors and educational institutions whose mission is to support the identification, management, movement and usage of learning information within the education sector.  The main community product is the collaboratively developed, platform independent and vendor-neutral technical specifications (SIF Specifications) to enable data sharing among education software applications internationally.  Additional activities include the establishment, support and growth of the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) addressing critical on the ground privacy issues.  Dr. Fruth has over 30 years of experience in teaching and learning as a classroom teacher/professor, curriculum and professional development designer and state and federal policymaker.  He has worked with two White House administrations, international government education agencies and marketplace providers in advising on strategies and policies in the development of longitudinal data systems to leverage previous and current technology investments.  Most recently Dr. Fruth served as an Director for the Ohio Department of Education where he oversaw development of Technology Academic Content Standards, State Educational Technology Director designee, lead for various federal programs as well as pointing various pK-16 partnership initiatives.  He has been a national keynote speaker, grant reviewer, and currently sits on state, national and international boards relating to education and technology.

Steve Smith has twenty+ years of CIO/CTO experience in both rural and urban, large and small, school districts in New England, the last ten years as CIO of Cambridge Public Schools. Recently Steve has spent a great deal of time navigating student privacy issues. Steve has represented both Maine and Massachusetts on the National Forum on Education Statistics and has contributed to Forum’s Education Data Privacy, Civil Rights Data Reporting, Longitudinal Data Systems, SCED Working Group, Virtual Education, Facilities Data Management and Metadata working groups . In addition, Steve is a contributing member to the CoSN Trusted Learning Environment project as well as the Founder of the Student Data Privacy Consortium.

Robert Miller, Director of Technology and Operations, Ridgefield Public Schools
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Passing the CETL Exam!

Robert Miller is the Director of Technology and Operations Development for the Ridgefield Public Schools. In his third year in Ridgefield Dr. Miller oversees technical support, data services, registration, network services, library services, digital and informational literacy curriculum and instruction, and security. Dr. Miller completed his Ed.D in E-Learning and Online Instruction from NorthCentral University and 6th Year in Educational Leadership from Southern Connecticut State University. His doctoral work focussed on developing 21st century skills through the use of student personal learning networks. Dr. Miller previously worked in the New Canaan Public Schools for 11 years as the Director of Technology and Director of Digital Learning and 5 years in similar roles in the Weston Public Schools. Dr. Miller is presently serving as a Trustee at Large on the Connecticut Education Technology Leader Board. He has extensive experience in communications managing and developing school/district websites and social media presence. He has also taken an active role in establishing and maintaining data privacy policies and procedures within his school districts.


Vermont Made

Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education

Susan Hennessey, Professional Development Coordinator
The Digital Learning Dance: SIS, LMS, Act 77, Grading and Stakeholders

Vermont Secretary of State

Tanya Marshall, State Archivist and Chief Records Officer
What Not to Do with Your “Archive:” Getting in Sync with the Program


Vermont Agency of Education

Margaret Carrera-Bly, Educational Programs Coordinator
Open Education Resources — Building Local Awareness

Peter Drescher, Education Technology Coordinator
Developing Digital Learning Plans

Brian Townsend, IT Director
SLDS Implementation Overview
SLDS Vertical Reporting Discussion