2k Innovation Grant!


What could you do with a $2,000 Innovation Grant?

  • some equipment or supplies to get an idea or program moving for kids?
  • funds to renovate a classroom / learning space?
  • dough for software or cloud based service?
  • dive into a PD opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible?

Here’s the online app to apply!

Read on! All the details are below!

We’re announcing that the Grand Prize at the closing session at VT Fest is a 2k Innovation Grant!

If you’re attending VT Fest, get some ideas ready!

VT Fest Innovation Grant Guidelines. It’s Simple!

To enter you must attend VT Fest as a regular attendee either November 2nd or 3rd, 2017!

One entry per attendee only!

The winner will be selected by random drawing at the closing session at the Closing Session Friday.

You do not need to be present at the final drawing to win!

That’s not all you win!
The selected winner also gets free two day admission to VT Fest Conference the following year! At the next conference you will be asked to give a very short update to the general assembly on your project and you’ll pick the next winner!* (see details below in Terms).

Note: Conference vendors, organizers,  and VITA-Learn board members are not eligible to apply.



Terms. Simple!

The winner selected will be issued a simple form called ‘VITA-Learn Innovation Grant Conditions’ with the following information:

Equipment, materials, and / or software purchases from this grant money must be the property of the school / district where the selected winner is employed. No exceptions.

If the grant is applied to PD purchases (conferences, travel) your district / school guidelines for attending conferences and travel apply.

* The Innovation Grant winner will be given free admission to the VT Fest conference (both days) the following year. On the final day of the conference at the closing session, they must provide a (very) short update to the general assembly on how the grant helped them innovate and they will also draw the next Innovation Grant winner. Personnel substitutions may be made within the same district district or building to fulfill these purposes.

If you do not return the ‘VITA-Learn Innovation Grant Acceptance Letter’ filled out in entirety with proper signatures (Grant Winner, Building Principal / Supervising Administrator) within 30 calendar days, a new winner will be drawn.

VITA-Learn has no liability for the winners expenditure of this grant or conditions resulting from it’s use.