Welcome to VT Fest 2016!

VT Fest 2016 was a success!

Thanks to all the presenters, mentors and attendees!

We’re on to something good here… ; )


Please send your online resources to Jess Wilson! We’ll post your working docs / notes on our Conference Sched Site (Sched.org)

email Jess Wilson at: jesswilson.vt77@gmail.com

Embrace the Target

Mentioned in the VT Fest keynote panel, a great graphic and message issued to the 2016 Chicago Cubs in Spring Training by Joe Maddon, Head Coach of the Chicago Cubs

Join us in Killington, VT November 3-4, 2016 for… something different!

We are so proud that VT Fest has been so successful over the last few years. More and more people have attended each year and attendee satisfaction has hit record heights. It was tempting to keep this great education conference just the same.

But we saw the need to move things forward on some key initiatives in Vermont education. We took the challenge and decided to reshape VT Fest 2016 in four key ways. All the evolving details are here in this website.

“To boldly go…” requires a sense of adventure. We can’t get there with status quo.

Contribute to these discussions with State leaders and help them hear what you need. Come and share your voice and your experience. Send out some invitations to peers to dive in with you. Come and learn and make connections. Let’s explore how to make these connections matter.

We hope to see you at VT Fest 2016,


Adam Provost, President VITA-Learn


Keynote Panel vt-ed-groups We’re assembling the heads of many VT organizations and in State education to: hear your voice, identify key issues, and work to simplify approaches. In our keynote panel these leaders will tackle one tough subject: PLPs. What are essential elements of PLPs in Vermont? What can / should we agree on?

Teachers! Take this PLP survey from the NEA to inform the panel!


Immersive Two-Hour SessionsScreen Shot 2015-10-10 at 9.32.41 PM

By popular demand, Diana Laufenberg returns to offer offer THREE workshops this year as part of an incredible team.


screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-8-10-09-pmAndrew Marcinek, Chief Information Officer at Worcester Academy and Former Chief Open Education Advisor for USDOE, is coming to lead an Immersive in Open Education Resources.



Innovation Spaces! We’ve expanded the Innovation Spaces at VT Fest! Spend as much time as you like trying things out and building ideas mentors and peers. This is hands-on, and immersive! More equipment, more mentors, more exhibits that have more depth!


Green screen, 3D printing, modeling, soldering, creative robotics, bookmaking… wait’ll you see what’s in store. Dive into some training and exploration, build engaging ideas… and connect with peers!


Roundtable Discussions, edcamp style!
No projectors! No ‘at’ people. This is a ‘with’ people space! What are the topics YOU want to share and discuss?

New Social Event!

New spaces at the Grand = a new social event! A VL hosted party with food and drink tickets.

After party… is BYOB this year! Join us in a suite at the Grand. Details at the conference.


2k Innovation Grant!webhomes-thinking-plus-innovation-innovation-plus-emerging-thought
What could you do with $2,000?

This years winner Laurie Storm!


… and recharge! Hey, it’s a resort, right? ; )


The Killington Grand features an outdoor heated pool (rumor has it there’s even a conference session in the pool this year), sauna, steam room, full spa, amazing workout facilities, if weather (and snow making) cooperates a few ski runs, and great places to eat in the area!




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